Inspiring and involving high school and college students in space activities through experience with space technology


To build capacity for space interests and create a path for future space missions in Cambodia.

About Us

The Liger CubeSat project is a group of senior students from the Liger Leadership Academy who are devoted to developing the first Cambodian satellite. Our CubeSat developers are high school students, all of whom offer diverse experiences: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, 3D designs, programming, app development, environmental awareness, and more. These students also have worked on several high-impact engineering and technology projects: they have constructed 15 Kg robots that competed with other Asian countries in a competition called VEX robotics; developed a digital currency, called Pedro, that is used at our Academy; and implemented a computer lab in a rural government school that runs on solar energy. There are five members of the Liger CubeSat team: Rithy Hong, Sreyneang Oun, Seyha Khom, Visal Saosuo, and Vuthy Vey. This project additionally has six mentors who have experience in spacecraft communication, CubeSat development, satellite developments, fundraising, chemical engineering, and biology. Every single person in this team is extremely passionate about this project, and is prepared and excited to turn this project into a reality.

Our team and a processor at NPIC university

The Team

Our LigerSat team

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