A Visit to National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC)​

Aug 14 2019

On the 18th of February, our group visited the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia. There, we met with professors who are proficient in radio communication to talk about their ground station. We were particularly interested in knowing how they obtained the license to build it and the license to transmit through it. We were surprised by the strict process that they had to go through to get government approval for their ground station. But it was very crucial information for us to know. The professor there specifically instructed us to communicate with the government as soon as possible because their seal of approval could be a strong step toward accomplishing our project. Furthermore, they told us that they mainly get their materials for the ground station imported from Korea. However, it takes a while for their orders to arrive, which is why it took them many years to build their ground station. They also take many negotiations to set up a test at their campus to receive the amateur radio license. Later, they had to convert their US amateur radio license into a Cambodian license through the Ministry of Telecommunications in order to operate in Cambodia.

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